Become a member of ART

ART is an organization in French-speaking Switzerland that brings together all workers, freelancers and learners from all branches and trades, as well as people without gainful employment and retirees.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

It welcomes and defends with the same commitment Swiss and migrant men and women, workers, young and older.

ART is

- A dynamic and combative group based on activism

- A democratic structure where everyone can participate in decisions

- Zero bureaucrats and zero careerists

- The possible month of assistantship and learn to defend yourself

- No institutional or financial dependence on employers

- Quick support and a la carte meeting places

Our goals

Upgrading trades and combating wage dumping and fraud, especially at the expense of temporary colleagues, which fuel the price war and pull all branches down.

To constitute a social force capable of improving our living conditions.

Our means

- Social networks and website:

* Live forums and hotlines

* Official documents, links, legal sheets and tutorials to know everything about your rights and how to defend yourself

- Individual legal support and industrial tribunal proceedings

- Self-defense training, sharing of professional knowledge

- Mediatized denunciation actions and strikes

- Public mobilization to improve wages and CCT (Collective Labor Agreement)